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Hi. I started a new blog finally after months of absence. It’s been months of darkness and IG photos on my old blog. Now I’ll start writing again.

So if you still wanna stick with me, come on in. You’re very much welcome.

Off to the office. #ootd



My friends and I were in the middle of a nice chat when exes came as a topic. They showed their ex-girlfriends and well I basically showed mine. Browsing through our pictures, sharing old memories and suddenly, she came across my mind. I skipped her. I never showed her cuz technically, she was never mine. After the tiny talks we friends had, she never ran out of my mind. Rather, she has never been off my mind… since.

I had the chance to a happy relationship but I screwed it. I backed out thinking I wasn’t ready. Never thought I’d regret that stupid decision til this very second.

Months passed and our paths crossed once again. I know her. She believes in second chances and I too believed in it but it was too late. She had somebody else. I cringed. That’s the first time I felt like my knees were shaking and my heart was breaking to pieces.

I left. Cut all connections, pretending it was school which led me to leaving. It wasn’t. She now has her chance to a happy relationship. Who am I to come in and ruin? I’d rather feel pain as long as it means a smile on her precious face.

But it’s already been what, more than a year of pain. I tried forgetting her but my heart still leads to the very same person. Met different women but it’s still her that my heart shouts for.

I remember the first time I said I love her. She was all butterflies. I still smile whenever I remember that. Funny it’s now just some petty memory.

You’re right. If you hurt the right person, you’ll be wrong all your life.


Anonymous asked: Advanced kuya1 :) san mo nabili yung case mo? hehe ty!

Thanks. :) Case ng phone ko ba? D.I.Y. lang.