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My mom recently had her commission and so she was planning to buy Samsung Smart TV since she has been indecisive on where to use the money for good. We all agreed for it since it would be favorable for all except for the fact that it would be placed inside my room. 

So this morning, it was finalized and we were just about to prepare everything and set right ahead at Market! Market! in Taguig but my evil Dad suddenly refused. He said that our van is on coding and there are a lot of more important things to buy rather than that Internet TV. I hate him for that. Me and my sisters know that at the back of his mind, all he wanted is to buy a new car and he would use the entire money my Mom earned. That car would benefit us but I just hate how he decided for himself since it would benefit him more than us.

Another thing is that my mom has the money and I could just walk in front of her and do a little begging and I’m on for that BB phone I’ve been begging for BUT, there’s a big BUT, I’m trying to be considerate since my mom already bought me this laptop so I’d rather not talk about that phone although until now I can’t refuse to feel awful.

I don’t want to feel and act so greedy. I know how to wait and I know when to request for something and when is not. 

Still, my sisters and I are insisting that TV. We’ll win their hearts for sure. 

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